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MahanMahan2013/12/26 20:24I read many of the comments poestd in response to this blog; several writers brought out the complexity of the issue and provided context regarding the numbers of gun related homicides. Nevertheless, many of us are made increasingly uncomfortable by news reports of shooting deaths and injuries, especially when we suspect that the weapons are illegal. It seems to me that as a society we are quite happy to provide the police with laws regarding guns but much less eager to provide them with the tools they need to enforce even existing, old laws. Consider the contrast with alcohol and driving. We expect drinking establishments to check IDs and cut off patrons whom they deem to have imbibed too much. We also expect roadside checks for impaired drivers by the police especially in certain seasons. Why don't we have spot checks for illegal weapons? Are there jurisdictions that have such programs? If so, does anyone know if they work?

ZonZon2013/12/27 12:38You speak as though it was an<a href="http://xtfvrkymbe.com"> indtneed</a> consequence, which it was not.Secondly, Obama has made several statements regarding Brewer that were disrespectful of her efforts to run her state as she sees fit, and in the best interest of her constituents. He is responsible for her anger and wasn't reticent about incurring it. She has no obligation to bite her tongue regarding her mistreatment just bc he happens to be the president. He hasn't supported her in any way.She would have to be either a total fool or, a sniveling hypocrite not to express her ire in some way. I support her in letting Mr Obama know she is not appreciative of his taunts.